Month: June 2018

C++ Game Dev 9: Resource Management


As games become more complex, the issue of how to manage a games assets and resources is only becoming more difficult; which is why, even though we do not have many resources at the moment, it is a good idea to start the groundwork on what will become a robust and generic (it can handle any resource we throw at it) resource management system.

C++ Game Dev 10: Object Collection


When we started our component system, we created Awake and Start methods for our objects. However, they are not yet being called anywhere. We need to fix this before next weeks tutorial (where we begin our animation system) so the first part of this tutorial will focus on that. Also, we are currently responsible for maintaining, updating, and drawing our objects ourselves. We only have one object at the moment so it’s not really a problem, but we do not want to have to manually call update and draw functions when we have 100+ objects. Therefore we will also create a structure to do just that, the ObjectCollection.

C++ Game Dev 11: Animation Part 1


In this tutorial we will start to bring our little Viking to life by working on animation. We want to be able to, at the very least, have a walking and idle animation (although we will soon add attack, jumping, falling etc.). We also want to be able to easily and efficiently switch between the animations based on the players current state.