Write the code for a complete game in C++. Along the way we’ll break things, discuss programming patterns, look at when to optimise and when not to, and occasionally make something that actually runs.

Download the source code for free game templates and assets.


Want to know how to design an NPC that can learn from its mistakes? Or maybe you want to know what a finite-state machine is? Hopefully my articles on game development will help.

I can also write code for you


The engine that got me into games programming. My bread and butter.

Mobile, Desktop, Web

Whether you want your game played in the living room or the loo I can make it happen. MacOS vs Windows? iOS vs Android? Native vs Web? The choices are (almost) endless and I work with them all.

C++, C#, Java, Python, Ruby, Swift

Whatever your poison I can work with it. If I don't know it I'll learn it.

Artificial Intelligence

I love AI. I'm weird like that. If you need help writing code to make a guy walk from over there to here or something a bit more advanced, such as genetic algorithms and neural networks, then I'm your man.

Procedural Content Generation

Why design it ourselves when we can get the computer to do it for us? I can procedurally generate levels, animations, game rules; and pretty much anything you can think of to create unique experiences for your player.


Lets just say that I didn't start my game development tutorial series for the money. I'm passionate about educating and education.


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